Admark's green philosophy

Because people and the environment are important ...

UV and latex-based inks


Many years ago now (yes, we’re early adopters!) Admark made the commitment to move away from the traditional solvent-based inks used by the printing industry and to use UV-based inks instead.

We have three printing technologies in-house; our label printing machines have always used UV-based inks; we moved to UV-based inks in the mid-90’s for our screen-printed work and around six years ago, we added latex ink-based machines to our large format digital mix.  This means we can offer our customers environmentally sustainable options for their label, screen and digital work at no extra cost and at no loss of quality, colour vibrancy or longevity.

Unlike solvent-based inks, UV inks do not require a solvent or thinner that must be eliminated by evaporation or absorption – instead the UV ink remains fully on the finished substrate.   The benefits to the environment of using UV and latex-based inks are scientifically proven, and just as importantly, they are a lot more pleasant and safe for our printing teams and support staff. 

Admark has a number of environmental-based accreditations and our commitment to the environment and the health and safety of our staff is continually reviewed for compliance and ongoing relevance.  New and improved inks and machines are continually being developed and we are always ready and willing to trial them.  

Which all adds up to a clean, green scene at Admark!

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