Burger King: YELL and SCREAM but keep it CLEAN!

Point of sale window graphics

Yell and scream, but keep it clean!

Burger King’s “Keep it Clean” initiative: helping keep it positive on the sidelines of our junior sporting teams.

Admark point of sale window graphics

In New Zealand, Kiwi kids are often exposed to offensive language, abuse and poor behaviour from the sidelines, so in 2016 Burger King introduced the “Keep it Clean” initiative, designed to improve sideline behaviour and encourage positive role models.  The premise of the initiative is that we’re all responsible for setting a good example both on and off the field and helping to provide a positive environment for children to enjoy the game they love!

The campaign sends a very clear message about what behaviours are, and are not, acceptable on the sidelines.  In addition to sideline ambassadors wearing bibs at junior games, all junior teams fill out scorecards which rate the behaviour of opposition supporters toward players and officials. 

There are three prizes at the end of the season; the winning team gets the BK Backyard BBQ experience for all players in their club; second to fifth prize is a $500 Prezzie Card for the club to purchase new gear, along with 20 cheeseburger vouchers per team, per club. Sixth to 10th prizes are a $250 Prezzie Card for the club to purchase new gear, as well as 20 cheeseburger vouchers per team, per club.

"Hey guys, thanks for this, a great initiative! The bib was great too - stood next to a vocal supporter and he toned right down nicely."  (A comment from the Johnsonville U10s team, received by the WRFU at the end of the 2016 season.)

Admark works with Burger King to print and apply the Point of Sale graphics promoting the initiative on Burger King windows around Wellington.  We think this is an excellent initiative and commend Burger King for its implementation.    

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